Our Mares

Our involvement with Friesians began with a gorgeous yearling mare named Cora van ‘t Grupje (Cora). We first saw her at the Equine Affaire in 2001, and by the end of the weekend, we had purchased her, making her the very first Friesian to join our family.

Cora is a Stamboek Ster mare who earned her ster in September of 2003. She has a huge presence and bold personality, yet still has a huge capacity for compassion for those who need a a gentle nuzzle in their lives.

In 2003 we purchased Hiltsje Fán Kúkherne (Gracie), a tiny, affectionate Anton filly. Since then, Gracie has grown into an impressive mare of 16.2 hands, and her personality is as amiable as ever (her favorite place to be is snuggled up against your chest as you softly scratch behind her ears).