Roelof: On May 3, 2005, Cora gave birth to our first Friesian foal, Roelof van Wolfshol (Pete). Pete proved to be a clever, lively colt who bears a strong resemblance to his mother with his large eyes and magnificent head and neck carriage. He certainly impressed everyone at the 2005 Kuer, where he was named a 2nd premie foal. Since then his flashy movement and quick mind proved valuable in the show ring, and he has wonmany championships in high level dressage events.

Vivian: Our Friesian family grew once again on April 26, 2006, when Cora gave birth to Vivian van Wolfshol (Vivian). We were excited to welcome this sweet, dynamic filly to our farm back in April, and overjoyed once more when she was named 1st premie champion foal at the September 2006 Kuer.

Calvin and Armani: In the spring of 2007, Cora and Gracie each gave birth to a colt, just days apart. These half-brothers, Calvin and Armani, were raised together and formed a close bond as they grew into handsome stallions. Armani won 2nd premie foal, with Calvin winning 1st premie and reserve champion foal at the 2007 Kuer. World famous photographer Gabriele Boiselle purchased both stallions together, where they will spend the rest of their lives together at her beautiful stable in Germany.

Omega: Gracie’s final foal, Omega, is a large and lovely filly. She has the sweet, easy going personality of her mother with a floaty movement and willingness to learn. She is currently being trained under saddle.